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1976 : Creation of FAULCON Sarl in SACLAY Val d'Albian by Mr Guy FAULCON and Mr Dulce FAULCON. This is a subcontracting company specializing in very small precision mechanics, and has since been involved in research and development alongside SACLAY Plateau research centers such as CNRS, CEA, CEPR, POLYTECHNIQUE, HEC, FAC d'Orsay and the Pole Technologique des Ulis.

1986 : FAULCON expands and moves to SACLAY Bourg at 12 rue de la Truie qui file Zac des Près Basques.

1993 : Production management by Mr Christophe FAULCON.

1998 : Technical-commercial management, establishment of a quality manual and computerization of the company by Mr. Frédéric FAULCON.

2003 : Retirement of Mr Guy FAULCON, the company's founder.

2009 : Creation of the KRONOS brand by FAULCON. The brand specializes in the development and optimization of elliptical chainrings for road use, and manufactures chainrings for all disciplines.


2016 : FAULCON becomes Official Supplier to the French Cycling Federation (FFC) and Supplier to some thirty Nations.


2020 : FAULCON SAS - KRONOS expands again at 12-14 Rue de la Truie qui File to better serve its loyal customers in industry and the cycle sector as a whole.

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A company on a human scale, with a workforce that keeps abreast of changes in society and is constantly open to new technologies, whether they be complex, simple or new alloys. In association with each of the company's stakeholders, we'll find a solution for you.

All our journeymen have specialized in the industrial sector of small-scale mechanics. Since their arrival and their experience combined with the vision of fine mechanics of the founder of Etablissements FAULCON, Guy FAULCON, the diagnosis followed by its realization will fully meet your requirements.


This dialogue between the customer and the FAULCON team creates the "humanity" in all our business relations, so often neglected in the industrial sector of precision mechanics. Frédéric FAULCON will guide you in finding the best viable solution for the manufacture of your assemblies in terms of cost, lead time and feasibility on our premises; his team of experienced journeymen will relay this collaboration by carrying out your projects.

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